Our firm is involved in all aspects of Intellectual Property matters, such as:


Trade and Service Marks Trade Names & Trade Dress

  • Availability searches and watch service
  • Filing national and international trade and service mark applications and obtaining registrations thereof
  • Filing administrative or judicial appeals against PTO rejections
  • Handling opposition, replevin, cancellation and nullity actions before the Federal Courts
  • Enforcement of trade and service mark rights and handling civil and criminal infringement Court actions
  • Protection and enforcement of trade names and trade dress rights
  • Ambush Marketing issues

Trade Secrets and Confidentiality Matters

  • Drafting confidentiality and non-compete agreement
  • Protection and enforcement

Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Models & Designs

  • Prior art searches
  • Drafting and filing of patent, utility model and industrial model & design applications, and obtaining registrations thereof
  • Filing observations against third parties´ applications
  • Filing administrative or judicial appeals against PTO rejections
  • Handling cancellation and nullity actions before the Federal Courts
  • Enforcement of rights before civil and criminal Federal Courts

Plant Varieties

  • Filing applications for registration of seeds and plant varieties before authorized entities
  • Filing administrative or judicial appeals against rejections of applications
  • Handling cancellation and nullity Court actions
  • Enforcement of plant breeders´ rights

Copyright and Related Rights

  • Protection of works and obtaining copyright registrations thereof
  • Software and database protection
  • Handling invalidation Court actions
  • Enforcement of right holders before civil and criminal Courts

Litigation and Dispute Resolution of IP matters

  • Full range of IP litigation and related matters in civil and criminal Courts
  • Anticounterfeiting
  • Obtaining and executing precautionary measures and injunctions
  • Border enforcements
  • Negotiations and settlements
  • Participation in ADR
  • Execution of laudums, awards and judicial decisions

Unfair Competition and Antitrust Law

  • Publicity and comparative advertisement matters
  • Antitrust issues
  • Approvals of acquisitions of IP assets when necessary

Licensing & Transfer of Technology

  • Drafting Know How, License, Transfer of Technology, Distribution, Agency, Franchise, Edition, Sponsorship, Software and other related agreements
  • Registration of agreements when necessary
  • Enforcement of the agreements and the rights derived thereof

Internet and Domain Names

  • Domain names availability searches
  • Filing national and international domain name applications and obtaining registrations thereof
  • National and international domain name recoveries
  • Enforcement of IP rights against infringers
  • Agreements and settlements

Geographical and Source Indications

  • Filing applications when applicable by law and obtaining registrations thereof
  • Enforcement of rights

IP Due Diligence and Audits

  • Verification and evaluation of IP assets
  • IP valuation

Sports Law

  • Rendering assistance
    in sports marketing issues.
  • Protection and enforcement
    of proprietary rights of sportsmen
    and sport entities

Consumer Law

  • Acting against claims raised
    by governmental authorities
  • Enforcement of consumer rights against product and/or service providers

Note: As quoted at the beginning of this section, the above listing is merely indicative.

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