Richelet & Richelet is one of the oldest and largest law firms specialized in the protection of Intellectual Property in Argentina.

The firm was founded in 1940. Since then, it has been engaged in rendering comprehensive and efficient legal assistance and services to local and foreign clients regarding the prosecution and protection of their Intellectual Property assets.

The commitment of our firm has always been the adequate protection and care of our clients´ rights, employing the highest professional and technical standards. In order to meet such commitment, our staff is required to have a sound knowledge of Intellectual Property Law by keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field.

For that purpose, all our members are required to actively participate in local and foreign seminars and in the weekly brain-storming our firm performs under the supervision of our senior partners. Our staff has acquired, throughout more than 60 years of expertise, sound skills in specific and technical matters that help to provide solutions to our clients´ needs.

Richelet & Richelet believes that the work of authors and inventors represents the valuable material and the technological assets that promote one country’s economic progress. Moreover, we understand the rapid changes and complexities that take place in the actual market.

That is why our main focus is on the industrial and commercial objectives and interests of our clients, with whose executives and staff we work closely in order to find the best way of achieving the results sought, combining creativity with profound and full-scale knowledge to support the solutions we propose.

Providing expert, creative, quick-responsive and cost-effective legal actions is our working standard. Counseling our clients before any step is taken is at the top of our professional priorities. Making clear to them where they stand regarding the protection of their assets is paramount to us.

Litigation has always been and still is one of the cornerstones of  Richelet & Richelet´s law practice. We specialize in defending our clients´ rights both in the administrative and judicial arenas. For that reason all our department directors have extensive litigation and dispute resolution practice.

The activities of the firm are divided into different specific departments, all of which are directed by a specialist with legal and technical background in the respective field. However, such areas are not independent and interaction among the departments is encouraged, especially when the needs of our clients require so.

Our firm has a wide range of competent and carefully selected associates throughout the country and the world. This enables us to provide efficient assistance in the management of our clients´ portfolios and to render the most effective legal assistance, not only all over Argentina, but in all South and Latin American countries as well.

Richelet & Richelet is a full service IP law firm. When it comes to IP we cover it all.

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